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Refugee prostitution berlin

refugee prostitution berlin

Theres a permanent fear of hopelessness.
A spokeswoman from the senate department for integration, labour and social affairs added that due to these suspicions, the institution's responsible body, refugee home managements, security services, volunteers and representatives of the State Office for Refugee Affairs (LaGeSo) sought a joint discussion.
Elke Breitenbach, a senator for social affairs and integration in the capital city, said that despite no concrete indications of cases of organized prostitution in refugee shelters, she demanded that the police and public prosecutor's office follow up on the claims.These sort of stories have emerged ever since the current wave of migration into Germany began, but the fact that it is going on in the refugee centres themselves under the nose of the authorities has shocked many.Yes, there are many.One refugee security guard at the Wilmersdorf refugee centre was prepared to speak.When she mentioned it to the home's residents, the prostitution and pimping was confirmed, including among minors.Is there a prostitution network at the refugee home?This pressure comes from feeling like Im rejected, Im not allowed to work, have no work permit, Ive only got a little money, I would love to do more for you.German government spokesman Steffen Seibert said the "very, very serious" accusations of procurement needed to be investigated.Refugees just need money.Social workers, refugees ts jesse flores escort and security company insiders told the German-language "Frontal 21" program that security employees were even pimping out minors as part of a prostitution ring."The security guard told me you get 30 for sex with a woman, maybe." He said he prostitution als nebenjob was ashamed of what he had to do, but that he had to earn money.In the report, aired by broadcaster ZDFs investigative programme called."Want to do business?"I'm ashamed of what I do, he said.Employees at security companies in Berlin are believed to have persuaded refugees into prostitution in refugee homes, according to a media report broadcast on Tuesday.
A network has developed, involving at least one refugee centre, where security guards are acting as pimps.
From 16 years and up; the younger they are, the more expensive they are a security guard told the program.

A 20-year-old male Afghan asylum seeker, whose refugee application was rejected, said a security guard approached him with an offer.
One 20-year-old asylum seeker from Afghanistan, whose application had been rejected, said in the programme that after a male security guard asked him whether he wanted to do business, he said: "for sex with a woman you get 30, maybe even 40".