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Bordel de merde meaning

Instead, its somewhere in between Shut up!
Cul ass Cul is pretty flexible and can suche russische frau in berlin be used on its own or creatively in a number of ways.
I always heard French speakers use Je men fous in situations where I would say I dont care in English.
Last, if you need translation services from or into French, let us know.Not only do you need to be extra cautious not to offend anyone, you also have to use it in the exact right context.Just like the English equivalents, the French word salaud is reserved for men.Then try Quel con (if youre a man) or Quel conne (if youre a woman which is like saying, Im so frickin stupid!Although commonly used by teens, this how long was ben hur a slave expression doesnt have an age limit, so anyone beyond their teens can use it to express how annoyingly awful a situation.Like when youre fed up (jen ai ral le cul) or you want someone to suck it up and stop complaining ( tu las dans le cul ) plus various other situations.(Here, the speaker isnt referring to the listener; instead, its just a sentence tag.) fils de pute Fils de pute is incredibly vulgar, if a bit dated, and sits at the other end of the spectrum (probably scowling, spitting, and grabbing its crotch).But it could also be used to mean idiot.Then you may have a salaud on your hands!Putain is essentially a very harsh and impolite way to call someone a whore, but it can be used in the same manner as you would use f*ck in English.If you know anything about French word endings, then you know that feminine words often add an e to their masculine counterpartsfor example, petit.Whats the cow got to do with it, you say?(We do more than curse around here, you know.).Jump to navigation, jump to search, contents.One classic swearing formula that youll hear in French is putain de noun, which translates as fucking noun.For example, consider all of the following: hijo de puta (Spanish figlio di puttana (Italian filho da puta (Portuguese and Hurensohn (German).Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary.Of course, the French swears that we learned that day lacked context.Note: Ive never heard this used ironically or for a laugh.You still need to exercise caution and choose the company you say this to because some of it can be pretty offensive.
(This fucking traffic jam!) Putain de temps!